Pendyala Shankarachary of BrahMos honoured with Prime Minister's Shram Vir Award

BrahMos Aerospace (August 20, 2014)                                                                           Print This News

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister of India has bestowed Shri Pendyala Shankarachary, Technical Supervisor- Grade III (Production) of BrahMos Aerospace, Hyderabad with the "Shram Vir Award" for year 2013 in recognition of his distinguished and outstanding performance.

"Shram Vir Award" is instituted by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, to recognise the performance, innovative abilities, outstanding contribution in the field of productivity and exhibition of exceptional courage and presence of mind amongst the workmen employed in various public & private sector undertakings.

Pendyala Shankarachary, Technical Supervisor at BrahMos Facility in Hyderabad has played a pivotal role in the Production Department. He has single handedly carried out repairs to a Russian made computerised test equipment.

He has developed a technological process of testing the subsystem at various stages of integration and employed various productivity improvement strategies during the missile integration activities by adhering to horizontal integration process, multitasking of team members, optimum use of mechanised tools and test jigs, ensuring best engineering practices. This has resulted in greater reliability of the on-board system, thus improving productivity.

P. Shankarachary has also displayed par excellence innovative and analytical skills in the development of various on-board and ground systems for BRAHMOS guided missile project. His one of the outstanding contributions has been the Development of Electrical Simulator and corresponding cable harness, for the BRAHMOS missile.

He has also exhibited single minded devotion to duty and made numerous technical contributions which have resulted in higher productivity.

The award will be presented by the Prime Minister at a function to be held in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister's Shram Awards were instituted in 1985 by the Government of India. This national award is conferred on workers for outstanding contributions that improve productivity, innovation, and indigenisation, resulting in saving foreign exchange. The award is also given for long-term exceptional dedicated work.

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